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5 Steps to a Beautiful Enchanted Princess Birthday Party

child kid crown princess in birthday partyI just had to share some of the great ideas I’ve seen for princess themed parties in the years I’ve been performing for kids.

Step 1 – Entertainment Ideas

Call a local female magician and ask if she does kid’s parties. When you find one you like, ask if
they will do the show in a princess costume.

Step 2 – Decoration Ideas

Acquire and then hang pink fabric, pink balloons and a few fake pink flowers from the craft store around the room to create an adorable party environment.

Balloon decor specialists can construct all sorts of interesting princess themed things, balloon castels, balloon sculptures or beautiful pink and purple balloon arches that look incredible at a party and are not as expencive as you might think.

Step 3 – Cake Ideas

Have fun making an castle shaped cake, in pink of course, the day before as an added fun activity for the birthday girl. I recommend this video for an easy and beautiful design.

Step 4 – The Party

For the first part of the party, craft a bunch of princess apparel with the kids; princess hats, royal jewelry, fancy wands, decorate inexpensive pairs of children’s flats with gems and sparkles, things like that.

When the magician arrives announce her royally as an enchanted princess with magic powers. She does her show, kids get to pet the dove after and then everyone has princess cake.

Step 5 – The Photo

Make sure to get a picture of all the kids in their princess wear with the enchanted princess and consider sending a copy to each of the attendees after the party because it will be very very cute.

This is one of the most adorable kid’s partie themes I’ve ever seen and it was fun doing magic as a princess. The kids loved all these party ideas and I hope you will find them useful.

Carisa Hendrix